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Andrea Croonenberghs is a belgian actress, singer and former announcer at the Flemish television channel Een (formerly VRT TV1). As an actress she became known to the general public through her role in the television series Windkracht 10 and her role as Britt Michiels in Flikken.

In the 70’s – thé Flower Power time – Andrea was 6yrs old when she received a box of colorful rods from her parents.
Her appetite to colors grew & this box really inspired her throughout her career as furniture designer.
At home there has always been a great importance attached to design, aesthetics, painting and music.
Her work as a designer showed a great interest at Glorie.Today.


Adalbert Gans is a cosmopolitan. He wanders the globe as a charming, drinking, posh lifeseduction. His abstract art is desirable and recognized in the grotesque human behavior. His eagerness for discovery and restless escapism, gives Adalbert an unlimited spiritualism & love for life. He shocks, touches and criticizes with his language of colors and forms. While his work appears to be rigid, it remains sensual. Colors, geometrical forms and light sensations are the tools he uses in his art work.


‘Greetings from my Wonderland’
Lena was born in Ukraine. At the age of ten she moved with her mother to Belgium.  Since day one they were living in Antwerp where Lena went to Steiner school. After her graduation from high school she went to Antwerp Maritime Academy. By doing different internships in maritime sector during her studies Lena understood that this is not what she wanted from her life and decided to drop out of academy.

As a child Lena always dreamed to become a fashion designer, but as an adult she never took her child dream serious. But after dropping out of Maritime academy she decided to chase her childhood dream and started to study fashion at SASK in Sint-Niklaas. In 2017 Lena graduated from the art academy and received an innovation price for her final collection.

The 25th of May Lena will present her first Prêt-à-Porter collection during the exhibition in Glorie. Today!


Tony Adriaensens received international fame as author and publisher of fine books on 1950’s & 60’s motorsport.
His work, reckoned by many enthusiasts as the best and most detailed on the market, is on top of ‘most-wanted’ listings. His limited edition books are mostly sold out shortly after publication.
For over 30yrs now he’s been collecting originals (negatives and transparencies) on motorsport having established an archive of over more then …