Bob Mertens ‘Recup Art’

A few years before his retirement, Bob Mertens went to ‘ Art Academy ‘ because his creative genes were seriously itchy. Today he is working with recuperation materials that he finds at flea markets, in circular shops and in people’s homes that keep ‘big chaste’.

The art stories of Bob Mertens are very diverse but show a recognizable thread. They are absolutely not devoid of humor; in almost every work he processes a ’twist’ with a veterinarian wink. Raining Man, for example, consists of plastic dolls.

“I combine the various pieces until they create their own story, Something that I have based on or exceptional sketches, I opt for recycled material as raw material because more than enough rubbish is produced in the world Why not reuse existing materials? “

“I really do not have any commercial intentions with my artworks, I only make them for my own pleasure.”