Pakhuis 't Glorie °1875, renovated masonry façade White concrete bath and shower yes, it's a toilet - in a wardrobe

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A multifunctional, unique & independent concept space, hosting events & exhibitions in art, beauty & fashio.

Pakhuis ‘t Glorie is an old four-story warehouse constructed in 1875 and sold in 1925 by Mr. Glorie. It was mainly kept in its original state and is the only remaining and well-preserved warehouse in the area. It has been thoroughly renovated by sculp[IT]architects  whose main intention was to keep the look and feeling of the old warehouse, but made it ready for the 21st century.

The warehouse is situated in Antwerp, centrally located in Flanders / Belgium and close to the Netherlands. Antwerp is the center of design and fashion, fine dining restaurants, art, music,….

Nearest parking : Sint-Jansplein